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Add the Je ne sais quoi to your home…

One of the many styles of Shutters we do are half height Shutters, best known as café style. Half height Shutters became popular in French cafes so their establishment can benefit from natural daylight whist also giving their diners privacy whilst they enjoyed their meals.

Be inspired by the French with our café style Shutters available in MDF, Basswood, Paulownia, White Teak and PVC. Café style Shutters in PVC make elegant additions to bathrooms, completely waterproof and gives you that privacy whilst still enjoying daylight, or if you reside in the countryside you can enjoy the luxury of privacy whilst enjoying the view.

Half height Shutters are versatile, as with all plantation Shutters, you could add them to any room and combine them with curtains or a roman blind to completely block out day light & for privacy. For that authentic touch the ideal louvre size for café style would be 64mm, and according to research louvres were named after the French town Louvre by King Louis XIV, unfortunately due to the lack of facts this could be a mere Chinese whisper.

Hopefully we have inspired you to click here to view our gallery with a croissant in hand and imagine how these beautiful plantation Shutters can transform your home.

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