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Bay Window Storage Bench With Shutters

Shutters and carpentry come together this week with a progress update from Dulwich where John has added a brand new set of shutters to last week’s finished bay window storage bench. This week our fitter John took over the installation, with great communication between our team members being a key element in getting this work completed efficiently and to a high standard.

Fitted in East Dulwich, a favourite destination for The Shutter Studio, the addition of shutters to the finished storage bench really makes this bay window alcove into a stylish and private corner while also being neat and practical – a place to rest with added storage for a family looking to maximise their space.

The shutters themselves were ordered at the beginning of May and delivered in June – all ready for fitting. In the photographs above you can see the style of shutter chosen by the customer is classic in its design. The shutters cover the full height of the window with a mid-rail that breaks the shutter into upper and lower parts. These mid-rails line up with the existing window frame and, from the outside, give the appearance of continuous and evenly spaced louvers. The shutters are manufactured from our premium MDF wood with a white finish to match the existing window frames.

The finishing touches add that classic feel, with a centre tilt rod for adjusting the louvers and a smaller sized louver for additional privacy. We’ve mentioned before that smaller louvers are a popular shutter style in Dulwich, possibly due to the overlooked nature of many of the houses – allowing pedestrians to see inside a room with minimal effort. A smaller louver will always be a trade-off between light and privacy, a choice slightly offset by splitting the shutter at the mid-rail to fine tune the amount of light coming into the room.

The finished alcove is a stylish private space with extra storage and seating that the whole team, from our office to our fitters, worked on with great care in order to ensure an absolutely perfect fit. We hope you agree that the resulting solution is both neat and practical.

You can find more of our carpentry work on or blog, or for more information on our services please take a look at our carpentry page.

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