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Bifolding shutters installed in Bexleyheath

Last week’s star installation were bifolding silk white shutters in Bexleyheath, Kent. Best known for “The Red House” – the family home of William Morris, the town has grown from its Victorian roots into a bustling centre. Lying on the Dartford to  Charing Cross line it’s an easy choice for commuters and families with a number of supermarkets, green spaces and leisure facilities so it’s no wonder that we find ourselves in the area often.

The pictures you see in the gallery above are bifolding tier on tier shutters. Bifolding shutters can be a little fiddly for bay windows, as very rarely is there enough space to sit the shutters open, however in this particular installation they create a statement when closed as well as when open this is less of a concern. As the style here is tier on tier the shutters themselves are a lot smaller than the panels of a regularly hinged shutter. On their own shutters in this style have a tendency to block out a lot of light, however the customer has also chosen a smaller 64mm louvre and a hidden tilt rod to keep everything in proportion and compensate for the smaller panels.

The final touch in this installation is the colour of the shutters. Rather than a pure white colour the customer chose our second most popular colour – silk white. This slightly off white finish really suits period homes with whitewashed walls as you’re very unlikely to get an exact match of your exterior through the glass. The silk white is slightly more forgiving and easier on the eye, it really suits the wooden sashes of the windows in this home.

If you’re in the Bexleyheath area looking to fit shutters in your home or business, make sure you give The Shutter Studio’s expert team a try. Call 0208 662 0126 today to book your free consultation and measure. Or simply add your details to our online booking form and we’ll get back to you.

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