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The latest addition to our blinds range are our motorised blinds. These innovative roller blinds come in the same fabrics as our manual range but are controlled using a remote control. You can control each blind individually or move all of them together but either way the smooth control system means a neater finish.

Our electric blinds are made to measure and battery operated. The Shutter Studio team also have the facilities to hardwire the blinds in so you can control them from a wall switch if you prefer. Either way this cordless blind solution is both childsafe and an initial source of fascination depending on the age of the child!

Our motorised blinds are also part of the Somfy home system. So if you’re not keen on a remote you can also control your blinds through the Somify app on your phone along with garage doors, alarms and more. You can operate your blinds remotely, check their status, and program different states with your phone. So if you know that they need to be halfway down the window when the sun rises you only have to press one button.

The most popular place for our made to measure electric blinds are sliding glass doors and floor to ceiling windows where customers are not keen on having cords hanging down during the day. The mechanism of the blind usually fits neatly into the recess of the door, clearing the height of the door and sitting tightly to the frame. They’re also ideal for difficult to reach areas such as tall windows, skylights and stairways. For difficult to reach areas you can also combine a motorised blind with our easycare fabrics. These fabrics are waterproof, greaseproof and blackout, so need very little care and maintenance, and are available in a wide range of colours.

Another place you may like to consider electric blinds is in bedrooms and nurseries. Control them from your phone when you wake up in the morning to wake yourself up with the natural light, or provide a gentle nudge to someone else. Our blackout fabrics are perfect for bedrooms and available in both plain and patterned fabrics. They’re less fiddly then manually pulling blinds up and a gentler way to wake up in the morning.

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