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Bespoke Cabinets Installed in Beckenham

Our team of joiners have just finished the installation of some beautiful bespoke alcove storage units. The units were all hand built in our Croydon workshop and then installed on site with each door, work top and interior layout the result of our customers exact requirements. The skirting on the bottom of the units was designed to match the rooms existing skirting, giving the impression of a truly built-in unit that is an integral part of the design and feel of the room.

Our bespoke storage units are designed and built to our customers exact specifications and as all the units are all built by hand we are not restricted to factory limitations, enabling us to individually tailor a piece to include custom detailing on any part of the units. Popular storage solutions include built in alcove units, window seats and free standing storage boxes. For more information on our carpentry and joinery services please contact us on 020 8662 0126.