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Full height shutters installed in Carshalton

Between The Grove and Carshalton Park lies a home with brand new shutters upstairs and downstairs.

Last week the fitting team were taking full advantage of the long days by fitting a number of different styles of shutter into homes in the South East. From white cafe style to stained paulownia last week demonstrated just how different a set of shutters can be. Saying that, this week we’re featuring full height white basswood shutters in which doesn’t sound interesting but this Carshalton home has two different styles of bay window and some great pictures which you can see above. Bay windows remain our favourite place to fit plantation shutters and hopefully having two different styles of bay this week will make up for last week’s lack of them.

Downstairs the living room sports an L-Shaped bay window, which isn’t an unusual configuration but one that isn’t as well known as box bay or oriel windows. The beauty of an L-Shaped bay is the short side usually allows you to look into the porch of your home as well as allowing light into a room more evenly throughout the day. So if you’re not sure who’s at your door you can take a look through your tilted shutters rather than try and make out a figure behind a net curtain.

Upstairs in the bedroom is a more standard bow window – made up of four panels with a gentle bend (or arc) rather than the pronounced curve of a standard box window this style adds more visual space to the room while being easier to fit furniture to than a regular bay window. Designed to make the most of narrow streets the main aim of a bay window in any design is to add more natural light into a room, a feature important to terraced or semi-detached homes where neighbours close to you can crowd out your light.

Both windows are fitted with full length basswood shutters with a larger 76mm louver to add to the original aim of adding more light to the room. The paint and the hinges are pure white so the fitting blends into the existing window frame from the outside while, again, emphasising the light entering a room. The final feature is that both the upstairs and the downstairs have a mid-rail added to the top of the shutter to line up with the existing window frame. The other benefit is that if you open the small fan windows at the top for air the upper part of the shutter can have the louvers tilted to improve air circulation while leaving the bottom louvers shut or tilted for privacy.

If you want more information on our patio door shutters or any style of plantation shutter you can call the shutter studio today or contact us to book your free consultation and measure.

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