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Be Inspired: Emmerdale’s Home Farm Shutters

Be Inspired: Emmerdale’s Home Farm Shutters

Inspiration for interior design can appear in any way, even through your evening soaps. Home Farm has been Emmerdale village’s biggest and most admired property, with a mighty eleven bedrooms and countless communal rooms, it has always housed the rich and has been at the centre of many of the soap’s story lines. Housing the most iconic families, Home Farm has to look the part and it certainly does with it’s unique interiors and most importantly it’s plantation shutters!

Pinterest Emmerdale shutters

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The plantation shutters seen in home farm are full height, pure white with a centre tilt rod and at a guess a 76mm louvre, a classic look for a iconic home. Plantation shutters can do so much to transform your home, it can act as a second form of double glazing, trapping the cold air the window let’s in keeping you warm in the winter, during the summer months the louvres create a wonderful form of ventilation and shade keeping your home cool and they add a layer of security to your home, deterring criminals from breaking in to your home.

Take inspiration from Home Farm and find out how The Shutter Studio can transform your home with the addition of plantation shutters.

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