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Today we’re opening up our mailing list to the world. Originally a semi-secret list for giving advanced notice of discounts and special events we’ve recently expanded it to include more personal company updates and useful information such as a complete comparison of Basswood and MDF shutters and advance warning of our DIY shutters project.

If you’ve been looking at window furnishings for any length of time you’ll know that many companies choose to simply send you offers as often as they can. In contrast to this we promise that rather clogging up your inbox with news of our latest sale, we’ll only email you once a month – but with all of our highlights, including advanced warning of any deals so that you can be the first in line. Sign up today and we’ll send you our free, no-nonsense, no-sales guide to plantation shutters – if you ever wondered why all the information can’t just be in one place then this is the guide for you.

Sounds like something you’d be interested in? Sign up below.

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