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Offset Tilt Shutters Installed In Caterham

Offset Tilt Shutters installed in Caterham

Last week the team were in Tandridge installing a full height shutters in a Caterham family home.

The installation itself was standard in many ways. Featuring full height shutters and a three sided bay window, this style suits open spaces. By choosing a mid-rail and pure white finish the shutters blend into the window framework, rather than overwhelming the space. Adding to this sense of light is the 76mm louvre. A popular choice for bedrooms, it allows for greater light when the louvres are open and greater darkness when the louvres are closed.

The interesting detail for this install is the choice of an offset tilt rod, rather than a centre or hidden tilt. An offset tilt system has the rod used to adjust the louvres 3/4 of the way along the shutter rather than the middle. This gives the impression of having no tilt rod at all when viewed from outside; mimicking a hidden tilt rod. This style is usually achieved with a hidden tilt rod, but the labour involved in building the tilt mechanism into the frame makes it a more expensive option.

An offset tilt is less visible than a centre tilt rod but has the benefit of making the shutter easier to clean. Using a tilt rod to adjust the shutters also means fewer fingermarks, especially if you use products or lotions that leave residue.

Finally, the framework has been extended, as recommended by our surveyor. This is to compensate for the shallow windowsill that is usual in bedroom bay windows. This extension enables us to securely fix the shutter to offer our customers a longer lasting product.

If you’d like to learn more about our shutter styles and options, call us today on 0208 662 0126 to book your free consultation. Or, fill in our form to request a callback.

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