Cafe Style Shutters


Cafe style shutters are the most simplistic type of shutter available at The Shutter Studio. Cafe shutters allow the desired window or opening to be part dressed which offers a lower level of privacy than our offering low level privacy whilst allowing natural light into the room. Cafe style shutters are ideally suited to adding a cosy feel to a living room or to add some essential privacy to a kitchen where darkening a room or complete privacy is not an issue.

Cafe Style shutters are both versatile and customisable, we offer them in a wide range of finishes and styles depending on the needs and style of the room. For further customisation they are often combined with curtains or roman blinds to add a soft touch to finish the room and can therefore be a good solution to those wanting the benefits of blinds without being stuck to one style of window dressing over the lifetime of the room.

If you would like to learn more about our cafe style shutters or to book your free consultation and measure you can call us on 020 8658 0543 or contact us online.