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Patio Door Shutters installed in West Dulwich

On Tuesday Simon and John were out fitting shutters for a customer in the Dulwich area – and as a pleasant surprise, it wasn’t for a bay window. We have now fitted a number of shutters throughout this home but have chosen to focus on the beautiful garden and patio door shutters in these pictures.

The technical aspects of these patio door shutters are apparent from the pictures. They are fitted into a frame that lines up with the existing doorframe – right down to the mid-rail you can see running across the bottom third of the door – providing even spacing between the louvers when viewed from the outside. The shutters themselves are made of basswood due to the size of the panels being fitted, and they also have a centre tilt-rod to add a more classic touch – one that works particularly well with large openings as they resemble the doors and windows you would usually find on large, southern-style plantations.

The beautiful garden you can see in these photographs was the main factor for our customer in choosing to get shutters installed across the patio doors. The garden is busy with wildlife during the day which is something appreciated by the whole household – however during the summer having the patio doors open for air means the occasional curious animal coming to explore the house. When discussing the options available the customer emphasised that he wanted a solution that allowed for plenty of air and minimal obstruction of the view whilst stopping inquisitive animals from coming inside. All of this is easily achieved with shutters – and a pure white finish with matching white hinges were also chosen to blend seamlessly into the existing door framework; leaving the garden to draw the eye.

So if you’d like to have your patio open more often but prefer wildlife watching to chasing them out of your dining room, patio door shutters may be the solution you’re looking for. And that’s in addition to the other benefits that come from adding doors to plantation shutters – better light control , greater privacy from the outside world and greater security against those trying to see what you’ve got on display.

If you would like more information on our patio door shutters, or any style of plantation shutter, you can call the shutter studio today or contact us to book your free consultation and measure.


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