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What Are Shutter Blinds?

What are Shutter Blinds?

Many of the enquiries we get over the course of the day are customers looking for ‘shutter blinds’. Google reports the term to be the most popular it’s ever been over the last year, and yet when you search for them, nothing comes up. But it’s not complicated at all, shutter blinds are just another way of saying ‘plantation shutters’ but a term that’s more common in the UK.

So if one company is quoting you for shutter blinds, and the other is quoting you for plantation shutters don’t worry – you’re comparing apples with apples.  Shutter blinds come with the exact same options, customisations and colours as plantation blinds and there really isn’t a difference between shutter blinds and plantation shutters. However, as a company that provides both shutters and blinds we generally prefer to call them ‘plantation shutters’ so that we’re absolutely clear on what our customers are ordering. On the rare occasion that someone is looking for venetian blinds and calls them shutter blinds everything gets very confusing very fast.

Plantation shutters, california shutters and shutter blinds all refer to wooden louvred shutters that sit inside a frame to cover your window. The louvres are adjustable so you can shut them for greater darkness and privacy or leave them open for sunlight. Venetian blinds also have louvres, more commonly referred to as slats, and can be made from aluminium or wood. The adjustable slats hang from a pelmet fitted above the window with the slats connected together by either strings or tapes, depending on the preferences of the customer.

One thing shutter blinds are not are solid shutters. Also known as victorian shutters or edwardian shutters, these have solid panels rather than louvres and therefore less fine control over the light. However, if you’re looking for solid shutters The Shutter Studio fit both Chinese and UK solid shutters, depending on your preferences.

Hopefully that clears up any lingering confusion over the term ‘shutter blinds’ but if you have any other questions you can reach us via our contact form or on 0208 662 0126.

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