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Shutters for Bay Windows – Everything you need to know

The Shutter Studio have been getting more enquiries about shutters for bay windows recently following on from our guide on identifying types of bay windows from last year. We’re big fans of shutters in bay windows here at The Shutter Studio as once they’re installed they become a stand-out feature in a room, as well as providing extra insulation to what can be a noticeably colder part of the home. You shouldn’t be apprehensive about fitting shutters in a bay window but there are a few things to keep in mind when ordering your bay window shutters.

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Is MDF suitable for a bay window?

The main concern with fitting bay windows is the size of the main window. Shutters can be manufactured in a wide range of materials, with the man made MDF being a popular choice due to its price and durability, but the weight of MDF means it can go soft and buckle if used over larger surface areas. If your main window is wider than 65cm MDF may not be suitable, although other factors such as how much sun the window gets, how you want the shutters to sit and more also make a difference. We always recommend getting the opinion of an experienced measurer who will be able to assess your window and make a recommendation on whether MDF is a viable option or whether a hardwood such as basswood would be a better choice to ensure your shutters stand the test of time.

Are solid shutters suitable for a bay window?

Edwardian shutters – also known as solid shutters – were used primarily during the era by the wealthy to completely shut up townhouses at the end of the season as a security and heating measure. If you’re planning on leaving your shutters closed then solid shutters are absolutely suitable for a bay window. But if you’re planning on leaving your shutters open for long periods of time, or will want to open and close your shutters regularly we would usually recommend avoiding them – although we have fit bay windows with solid shutters in the past and it depends on the shape and size of the window. Our primary concern when measuring for solid bay window shutters is that most bay windows don’t leave space for shutters to fold back into the wall when your solid shutters are open. This means that the heavy wood is left hanging in mid-air when open which increases wear on the hinges; shortening the life of the shutter.

What is the most popular shutter style for a bay window?

The most popular form of shutter for bay windows are our full height plantation shutters fitted with wider louvers to allow the sun to shine right into the room. However the brilliant thing about shutters is that they can be dressed up and down as you like with few restrictions. Tier on tier shutters, for example, are popular for ground floor rooms where the shutters can be closed at the bottom to provide privacy when dining in the bay while allowing light unfettered access into the room from above. We can also fit a smaller louver combined with a blackout solution in bedrooms, nurseries and other rooms where you need less light rather than more.

We provide a free home consultation to take the measurements for your bespoke shutters and at this time our measurer will be able to make a recommendation to you based on your concerns. To find out more about our bay window shutters contact us today on 020 8662 0126  or using our online form to book your free home consultation.

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