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Shutters for curved bay windows

Bay windows come in many shapes and sizes, but with the exception of box bay windows, they all have beautiful curves that stand apart from the house. You can read more about identifying the type of bay window in your home elsewhere on our website but today we’re focusing mostly on bow windows and circle bay windows. These cozy spaces are designed to bring more light into the home while maximising space. Commonly found in towns around the South East shutters make a perfect window dressing for these spaces; blinds will leave multiple cords hanging around the bay and curtains give less fine-tuned control over light.

Many customers who call to book their initial consultation worry that their shutters won’t fit due to the curve of the bay but the great secret of curved bays is that the windows themselves have a minimal curve; all of the beauty is in the window frame. When we measure a curved bay for shutters we measure and fit each window individually so that the resulting fit is as close and as snug to the window as possible. By fitting each frame individually we can make sure the shutters in your bay fit the existing window shape with fewer gaps or unsightly edges, our shutters really do fit perfectly.

The most popular style choices for curved bay windows are full height or tier on tier shutters. A full height shutter, usually with a midrail that lines up with the upper window, is more appropriate for long, tall windows whereas tier on tier shutters fit perfectly to sash windows. Sash windows in a bay are a less common feature than they once were but are by no means rare.

But you can absolutely have shutters in curved bay windows in whichever style you like. The only restriction that would apply is that in many cases a bifolding shutter isn’t appropriate for very curved bays with many panes of glass within them. This restriction is because with only one hinge on each side of the window the resulting weight on the hinge just isn’t sustainable and will affect the lifespan of your shutters over time. To combat this we recommend a 76mm louvre, our medium sized louvre, which allows the shutter to sit closely to the bay while allowing plenty of light into the room. A smaller, 64mm louvre creates too many breaks in a large window and the large 89mm louvre has to sit further away so that the louvres don’t hit the window handles when they close.

If that still isn’t enough information for you, try out guide to shutters for bay windows for the answers to a number of common questions. Alternatively, you can book your free consultation and measure today and one of our expert surveyors will come to see your bay and give you answers and advice tailored to your home. And of course, you can always reach The Shutter Studio team on 0208 662 0126 with any further questions.

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