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Shutters for Nurseries and Children’s Bedrooms

This week, The Shutter Studio fitting teams have been installing a variety of shutter styles in homes across Beckenham, Bromley, Croydon and Dulwich. From Victorian sash bays to modern UPVC windows, there is no window type The Shutter Studio team cannot fit shutters to.

In recent months we have noticed that it is becoming increasingly common for our fitting teams to install shutters in children’s bedrooms and nurseries. The ability to control the amount of light filtering into a room is one of the reasons why shutters make an excellent window covering solution for children’s rooms. The variety of louvre (slat) sizes and shutter styles available, plus the ability to choose which side to hinge each shutter panel, mean that parents can provide a stylish yet practical window covering to keep things as dark and peaceful as possible for their little ones.

Due to the rigidness of the materials used to construct shutters no shutter solution provides a 100% blackout situation – some light will always bleed in through the small gaps between the louvres, similar to the light that leaks in behind the sides of a set of curtains or the edges of a blind.

If creating as dark an environment as possible is key, The Shutter Studio can supply a number of blackout blind solutions, from systems built-in to the framework of the shutters to after-market solutions that clip into the rubber seal of a window.

If you are considering having shutters in your child’s bedroom or nursery, contact The Shutter Studio on 020 8662 0126 to organise a free, no obligation home visit from a member of our dedicated surveying team. You can browse shutter materials and discuss the best option for your windows. Call today or fill out our Contact Form and a member of the office team to get in touch as soon as possible.

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