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Shutters in Tonbridge

Don’t confuse this historic town with the neighbouring Tunbridge Wells – it’s much older with much more to explore. With a history dating back to the Doomsday book the town was originally built up around Tonbridge Castle, a building which remains a fixture of the community even today. Situated along the River Medway, the strategic positioning of the castle has led to many residents being able to enjoy a riverside walk in modern times. This is something residents and the local council have capitalised on in recent years, with the regeneration of the Riverside Walk path and investment into The River Centre as an arts and culture venue.

But even without these additions Tonbridge would remain a superb choice for a day for residents of the surrounding areas. Tonbridge Castle, a historical sightseeing spot in its own right, has recently branched out into becoming a community hub rather than a museum. From a food festival to an outdoor theatre space the summer months are packed full of events while for winter events retreat to inside the 13th Century walls.

Tonbridge high street is also worth an extended visit, with fewer big name retailers and more independent boutiques and cafes. Reaching the town isn’t difficult in the least, with good transport links along the A21 and train connections. Tonbridge station is one of Kent’s busiest rail stations, with trains to London, Ashford and Redhill  leaving regularly.

Shutter Styles in Tonbridge

With increased rail links the number of commuters moving into TN10 has been increasing over the last few years to the delight of housing development companies in the area. Smart, family homes with red bricks and PVC windows have become the most common style of home in the area, with sash style windows that open at the bottom.

For this style of window we recommend our tier on tier shutters. These consist of two, independently opening shutters that stack on top of one another. The join between the top and bottom windows are thereby hidden by the rails on the top and bottom of the shutter panels and from the outside the louvres look evenly spaced. The second way we would recommend doing this is full height shutter with a mid-rail. A mid-rail is a piece of wood added to the shutter panel to break up the window. It adds more integrity to the shutter and covers the join between windows in a similar way to the tier on tier shutter. If you’re unlikely to be opening and closing your windows frequently this would be a better option for your home as it’s a little less fussy.

Both our tier on tier and full height shutters come with a full range of customisation options, so the style shouldn’t limit your choices in any other way. When you book your free survey a member of The Shutter Studio team will assess your window and make a personalised recommendation for your windows based on your style and your concerns.

The Shutter Studio in Tonbridge

If you’re thinking about bringing shutters into your home you can arrange a free quotation and survey from The Shutter Studio at any time. Our surveyors have extensive experience in helping you find the right fit for your home – whether that be blinds, shutters or something we can’t provide we promise to always listen to your needs and put those first when making a recommendation.

With a warehouse in Sevenoaks we’re easily able to serve clients in and around the area looking to make the most of their home and find that perfect fit for their style. We offer surveys throughout the week, as well as evening and weekend appointments for those who aren’t available during the day. Our surveyors will bring samples, as well as their knowledge, so you can feel the difference between materials in our range and the see the colours in your own home.

If you’re interested in arranging a consultation you can fill out our contact form or call us on 0208 662 0126 and we’ll get you booked in for a time that works for you.

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