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Shutters On Leaded Windows

Shutters on leaded windows

If you’re considering shutters but aren’t sure how they would look against your leaded windows we’re here to tell you that it can be done! Many of our clients were initially worried that having horizontal shutters slats running across their windows would clash with diamond leading or georgian bars, but after installing a number of shutters in windows just like these we have a few suggestions to mitigate this fear.

Worried that adding shutters will mean busy windows?

If you’re worried about your windows looking busy from the outside the number one thing you can do is reduce the number of lines running across. That means a larger louvre and a hidden tilt mechanism. A larger louvre also has the benefit of brining more light into a room and shutting more out when the louvres are closed – always a plus. A hidden tilt rod, rather than a centre tilt rod, means the mechanism for opening and closing the louvres is built into the frame – so there’s no vertical line running though the shutters when viewed from the outside. By making these small changes to your order you’ll find your windows have a smooth and neat appearance from the outside and the inside.

Decorative upper windows with shutters?

From astragal bars and half leaded windows, to stained glass and art-deco frames – sometimes it’s the upper part of the window that you don’t want to obscure. A very simple solution is a half height or cafe style shutter that leaves the decorative part of your window exposed while covering the bottom of your window for privacy. A cafe style shutter is perfect for overlooked rooms or tall windows, especially if you’re concerned about maximising the light entering into the room.

It’s all up to you!

Love the classic look of a centre tilt rod? Hate the idea of cafe height shutters? If there’s a style you like, don’t let us stop you! These are our suggestions and tips but ultimately – your home is your home. Combine styles, pick what you like and make your home yours. We’re here to advise but if you know what you want then we’re not going to argue with you. All of our consultations are free of charge and happen in the comfort of your on home – so you can discuss your windows with someone who can see them.

To book your free consultation and measure contact The Shutter Studio today on 0208 662 0126 or contact us through our website.

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