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Our MDF shutters are our most popular product for those looking for plantation shutters on a budget. These shutters are manufactured from engineered, off-cut timber, which is then bound and laminated to give a finished shutter that is not just durable and easy to maintain, but also practical and fantastic value for money.

One limitation of MDF is that due to the weight of the shutters panel limitations are put in place to ensure the long-term quality of the shutter, this means customers looking to cover a particularly large window may find MDF shutters aren’t suitable. If this is something you’re worried about you can read more about this issue in our guide to MDF vs hardwood shutters.

Our MDF range is available in five durable white finishes, along with a full range of louvre sizes, tilt rod options and various frames to ensure a perfect fit. Our MDF range is finished with a paint wrap to increase the longevity of your shutters and includes a coating to prevent UV damage.

For more information or to book your free consultation today contact us on 020 8662 0126 or through our web form.

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