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Paulownia wood is a fast growing and ecologically friendly timber that has been used for centuries in China and Japan as a reliable and solid timbre. A paulownia tree can grow to full height in only 8 years meaning it’s easy to regrow sustainably and by leaving the roots of the tree in the soil the regrowth can occur with very little outside help.

Durable and lightweight, our paulownia shutters are superbly suited for wider width shutter panels. Constructed from solid, hand-selected timber, Paulownia’s deep intense grain leaves a stunning stained finish and slightly wooden painted finish. Our staff would usually recommend paulownia on wide openings or when you’re looking for the grain of the wood to be visible through the finish. Our Paulownia shutters are available in a range of standard paint and stained finishes, however we also offer a custom colour service for customers looking for a more exact style.

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