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Shutters in Brockley

Plantation Shutters Brockley

Brockley is a small area within Lewisham that gets far less attention than it deserves. Well known by locals for its craft beer and dedication to microbrewing, this Suffolk town is both peaceful and green, while also being in zone 2. With direct links to London Bridge, London Victoria, Blackfriars, Sevenoaks and Brighton Brockley is an easy choice for families looking for both good transport links and space to grow.

The town was developed during the mid-19th Century, only to be hit heavily during WW2. The result is a mix of original victorian townhouses, rebuilt terraces, and prefabricated homes that are slowly being re-developed.

Shutters for Sash Windows in Brockley

Sash windows are a very common feature in Brockley homes. Both traditional double hung sashes and more modern uPVC sash windows fit with the existing character of homes and allow for greater control of airflow.

For most sash windows we recommend a Tier on Tier style shutter. This style of shutter stacks two half height shutters on top of one another – lining up with the two half height sash windows. This allows you to open only half of the shutter panel in order to get access to the correct window. Tier on tier style shutters can be hinged on one side or bi-folding so that the shutters sit back against the wall and allows full access to the outside view.

Stone bay windows in Brockley

Another feature of homes in Brockley, especially on those large Victorian townhouses, are three sided bay windows with stone surrounds, or pillars, in each corner. Usually combined with sash windows these stately columns are a feature that is greatly enhanced by shutters. Unlikely curtains or blinds, shutters are designed to look just as good from the outside as they do on the the inside. The evenly spaced louvres sitting across the window can also be matched to the colour of the stone facade for an even tidier look.

Perfectly suited to bay windows, shutters allow the maximum amount of light to enter you home. However, tilt the shutters slightly and others will fit it difficult to look into your home, even if you’re on a busy road. This combination of light and privacy are what make shutters the perfect window dressing for bay windows – making the most of the design of the bay without compromising on privacy.

A Bespoke Shutter Service in Brockley

If you’re ready to begin your shutter journey, we’re ready to help you every step of the way. The Shutter Studio have a hard won reputation for service and teamwork which begins with your free consultation and measure. Our surveyors take into account the style and shape of your existing window, as well as your priorities and concerns. If you’re not sure if shutters will work for you, or want to explore the possibilities, we’ll be with you every step of the way. We want you to be completely happy with your final product and would never push a product that would leave you anything less than completely satisfied with how your home looks.

If you’d like to learn more about our range of shutters, call our office on 0208 658 0546 to book your free consultation and measure.

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