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Shutters in East Grinstead

The Shutter Studio in East Grinstead

After many years of commuting from East Grinstead into our more central offices, a few members of our team approached the central office about covering the area as a regular destination. Since then we’ve fitted many houses in RH19 with beautiful plantation shutters and blinds, and as word gets around we’ve had more and more customers from the area simply from our reputation for quality.

Technically located in Sussex, the historic market town of East Grinstead is also on the border between Surrey and Kent. Boasting one of the oldest high streets in the UK, subject to its own conservation area, don’t dismiss the area as anything less than bustling. The town centre has a number of fashion and retail shops and restaurants; perfect for anyone at a loose end. From the lesser known Helin Restaurant chain to the cosy, family owned, Nest coffee shop, there’s a wide variety of food, restaurants and pubs perfect for a summery Saturday meal.

Popular Shutter Styles in East Grinstead

Our East Grinstead customers have a very distinctive, modern style in their shutter choices. Although no two homes, or shutter orders, are alike our clients in the area overwhelmingly choose the clean lines and simple style of a full height shutter with a hidden tilt rod in a pure white finish. A 76mm  louvre is the usual choice – suitable for most windows this larger louvre is a good choice for those looking to maximise the sun while its out. Windows in East Grinstead are usually reasonably sized PVC style windows, making our largest louvre unsuitable, even though maximising light coming into a room is a priority for our customers.

In terms of material choice, our entry level MDF range suits the majority of windows in the area. The windows in East Grinstead homes are not so large that we would recommend basswood so homeowners can really benefit from the toughness and durability of MDF shutters, along with the price. The final design choice that customers in the area often make is to choose a hidden split in their shutters. Usually around 3/4 of the way from the bottom of the shutter a hidden split allows the topmost shutter louvres to operate independently of the bottom louvres without any visible break in the panel. This mostly benefits homeowners by adding more privacy to the window; if you’d like to keep the top of the shutter fully open to allow light into the room you can then tilt the bottom shutters to a more private position.

Shutters for your home

If you’re looking for shutters in your home then make sure to give The Shutter Studio a call. We provide free home consultations so you can talk through your style and priorities with a shutter expert with your windows right there in front of you. Our surveyors and trained to help you find the best fit for your home; be that blinds, shutters, or something else entirely. We’ll never recommend a product that we don’t think will suit your home and we’ll never use pushy sales techniques that make you feel uncomfortable. You can book your free home consultation by filling in our contact form or giving us a call on 0208 662 0126.

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