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Shutters in Royal Tunbridge Wells

Royal Tumbridge Wells is a Kent town with a long history. Originally an undiscovered part of the UK it was put on the map of wealthy tourists with the discovery of the Chalybete springs over 400 years ago. These iron rich springs were thought to restore the health and vitality of those who drank from them and an industry began to grow around them. With the rural landscape and lack of lodging the few places to stay quickly became more and more costly, leading to the area’s reputation as an attraction for the rich only. You can still visit the springs at end of The Pantiles – a shopping arcade named for the clay tiles which pave it – although very few people drink the then recommended 2-4 pints of mineral water any longer.

Away from the bustle of the town centre the town is surrounded by greenery of High Weald; a treasure trove of events, walking routes and attractions. The narrow streets and winding country lanes in and out of the town are exactly what you’d picture when you think of a country drive. However, don’t be fooled by the beauty of the area, Tumbridge Wells is an industrious town with a thriving tourism industry and a larger population of city-workers. With trains to London Bridge and Charring Cross every twenty minutes, and trains to seaside town of Hastings twice and hour, both work and leisure is on the doorstep of the town. No longer so isolated from the rest of the UK, Royal Tunbridge Wells is both a destination and an excellent place to live and work.

And The Shutter Studio team do enjoy working here. Easy to navigate streets and helpful home owners mean it really is a joy to measure up and move around so many well maintained roads. Believe us – it makes a difference! We’ve fitted a number of differently styled shutters into houses in the area, the most common style being track system shutters or patio door shutters as customers take in the greenery of the garden. Our carpentry team are also very active in this area, taking on small but detailed projects as customers request pieces and adjustments that bring the home together. And, of course, our full height plantation shutters are a classic no-matter where we go.

Shutters or Blinds

If you need something immediate to shield you from the sun The Shutter Studio also supply and fit a variety of blinds. From wide slatted venetian blinds that imitate the look of shutters, to pull down roller blinds in a variety of blackout fabrics there’s something in our range to suit your home and budget. We now have our full range of fabrics online as well as allowing customers to order samples free of charge through our branch, so you can make sure you know what you’re getting before we turn up to fit.

We also do a number of more interesting blind ranges, such as perfect fit pleated blinds and perfect fit roller blinds. These blinds come with a frame that fits into the rubber part of the glass window, allowing for a seamless look and stopping sunlight or streetlights creeping through the sides of the blind. We also offer programmable electric roller blinds that allow you to control your home from an app, button or switch. When you book your consultation you’ll find our surveyors are there to listen to you and help you find a solution that addresses your needs, we don’t sell hard and we don’t recommend products that are unsuitable to your style. We’re always looking for the best way to help our customers, even if that means your best solution is something that we can’t provide.

Window and shutter styles

A quick glance around the properties in Tunbridge Wells, from Southbourgh to Hawkenbury, will probably reveal all you need to know about the style of window in the area. Most properties have either UPVC or wood sash windows, perfect for circulating air around the home. For this style of window we usually recommend tier on tier shutters or half height shutters depending on your needs.

Tier on tier shutters are exactly what they sound like – two sets of shutters stacked on top of one another. Out tier on tier shutters are made so the top and bottom tiers align with your existing window frame and allows you to keep the top open for light and the bottom closed for privacy. This style of shutter also means that you only need to open one set of shutters to access the window, rather than opening the whole panel.

Our half height shutters are similar to having one tier of shutter and are better suited to customers looking for privacy rather than light control. Half height shutters cover the lower sash window only, allowing unrestricted light from the top sash but blocks pedestrians from looking into your room. If you’re unsure if shutters will block out too much light in your room then half height shutters are a perfect solution and can easily be combined with blinds or curtains at a later date.

About The Shutter Studio

The Shutter Studio is a family run business established after a rise in the number of shutter enquires we received from the local area. Over the years we’ve established a range and formula based on listening to our clients and responding to the needs of homes in the area. We offer four different types of wood, as well as a waterproof PVC option that allows us to offer an option for every home, no matter the style and personal preference. Our team is trained in-house to make sure we are all working to the same exacting standards and philosophy when it comes to both surveying and fitting. Our showroom staff also go through a similar training process so they’re able to advise on all of our products, so whether you’d like to book your free consultation and measure straight away or visit us in our showroom to take a look at our full sized product samples any member of our team will be happy and able to assist you.

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