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Shutters in Guilford

Why Guilford?

The borough of Guilford takes its name from the largest town in the area, home to almost half the population of the borough and the majestic Guilford castle. A geographically significant point, this Surrey town marks the halfway point between a journey from London to Portsmouth, therefore making it a popular resting place for travellers in the 1600s.

This beautiful area is better known now for having the South Downs on one side and Surrey Hills on the other, sandwiching the city between leafy green parks. Also home to students attending The University of Surrey, Guilford has all the attractions of a University town. From the sprawling Friary shopping centre and Odeon cinema to the busy rail station and smaller Tunsgate Quarter the town really does cater for everyone.

In recent years Guilford and the surrounding areas have risen in popularity and population. Traditionally marking the south west tip of Greater London people have been moving further out of the capital to get away from the bustle of the city and into more natural surroundings. South Western Railways will easily take you from the city centre to London Waterloo in under 40 minutes, and with four trains an hour on most days it really isn’t difficult for commuters to get into London during the week while enjoying the perks of Surrey over the weekend.

The Shutter Studio in Guilford

The Shutter Studio team have easy access to Guilford from our warehouse via the M25, and it’s a lot easier to drive through than the cramped streets of London! With that in mind you can frequently find our vans around the borough, from just outside the city centre along with Woking, Ripley and West Clandon. With that in mind we have recently expanded our free consultation area to include the borough as members of our team have expressed how easy it is to access the area – and of course how lovely the residents are. The Carpentry Studio is also very active in the area, fitting handmade solid shutters and bespoke wardrobes throughout the area.

Popular Shutter Styles in Guilford

The most popular style in the area is our traditional full height shutters with a hidden tilt rod. Residents across the area prefer different types of material, colour and louvre size, but full height shutters with a hidden tilt rod really are the most popular style. The reason for this might be because many houses in the area sport traditional georgian window bars. These white bars run horizontally and vertically through a window and adding a centre tilt rod, or using a shutter that is shorter than the full height of the window, can make the area look busy. Many customer are initially skeptical about if having bars and shutters will be too fussy, but we have fitted many georgian and leaded windows with shutters, and we have a few hints and tips to set your mind at ease.

Blinds in Guilford

If you need to dress your windows, but you haven’t decided between shutters and blinds we can help with that too. We can measure and fit for a variety of blind styles, including vertical blinds and motorised roller blinds. You don’t need to decide between the two before we visit and all of our blind colours are available on our website so you can take a look at home and choose from a few different samples. We’re also happy to advise customers on styles that would suit their windows, and of course we’ll always do our best to recommend a suitable product. If we don’t think a certain type of blind, or style of shutter, will fit then we will always let you know.

You’re also able to combine blinds with shutters, something especially useful in rooms that need complete darkness such as nurseries or bedrooms. The important thing is to tell us what you’re thinking before we measure, as allowing space behind the shutter for the blind to fit will change the dimensions we need.

Arranging your Shutters

If you’re thinking about shutters and would like to arrange a free consultation with one of our surveyors you can fill in our contact form or call us today on 0208 662 0126. We always recommend that customers book their consultation before coming into our showrooms as this will allow us to see your windows and talk through your concerns and needs directly. With five different materials, four different louvre sizes and a range of customisation options shutters can become a little overwhelming, but we’re always on hand to advise and guide.

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