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If you have a particularly large window, door or opening and are looking to install shutters, The Shutter Studio can supply various solutions, using a track mounted frame system. Our track systems come in two variations: bi-folding and bi-passing:

Bi-folding track system:

Bi-folding shutters are commonly used to provide privacy and shade along glass doors or wide windows. The system allows the shutter panels to fold back 90 degrees to either side of the desired reveal, allowing the opening to be completely unobserved. Most commonly used on patio doors or french doors this is a suitable option for those wanting to add a little more security or privacy to a room without too much compromise on making the room an open and continuous space.

Bi-pass track system:

Bi-passing shutters operate by allowing the shutters to pass in front or behind one another to either or both sides of the opening. Bi-passing shutters are ideal when saving space is a consideration and are often used as wardrobe doors or room dividers – rather than having the door open into the room and take up space a bi-pass track is a space saving way of dividing up a room.

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