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If you’re looking for waterproof bathroom shutters, or to add shutters to any room where condensation could create an issue for wooden shutters, we recommend our composite uPVC shutter range. The range is manufactured using closed cell composite shutter technology which means these waterproof shutters are designed for the toughest of environments. This makes them the perfect bathroom shutter as it will not warp when exposed to damp but is otherwise just as customisable as our MDF and basswood ranges.

Our uPVC shutters are easy to clean, dent proof and chip-proof making this shutter the most durable shutter available at The Shutter Studio.

Our made to measure uPVC shutters are available in five standard white finishes, from Pure White to Creamy, and come with a few extra features as standard to make them more suitable to bathrooms and other damp environments:

1. Plastic rollerball catch to keep the shutter firmly closed – this replaces the magnetic catch of our wooden shutters.

2. Stainless steel hinges – this ensures every part of your new shutters remain in the best possible state.

3. Hinges guaranteed for five years – compared to our standard three years guarantee.

All of these extras come in addition to our standard five year shutter guarantee and in our full range of styles and customisations.

Other bathroom shutter options

If you’ve got your heart set on wooden shutters throughout your home The Shutter Studio are able to accommodate you. We will make every effort to give an honest appraisal of what sort of damage you could expect from a wooden bathroom shutter and discuss care and maintenance steps that can be taken to prolong the life of your shutters.

If you’re not sure whether shutters or blinds would be a better fit for your window then we can still help. The Shutter Studio can measure and fit for a range of waterproof blinds, including venetian and roller blinds in a variety of colours and styles.

For more information or to book your free consultation today contact us on 020 8662 0126 or through our web form.

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