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The latest addition to our range, our white teak shutters are the perfect material for crafting shaped shutters. White teak shutters are extremely durable, lightweight and resistant to warping which creates a superbly stable high-end shutter solution.

In its natural state white teak offers all the qualities required to manufacture premium shutters such as taking paint finishes very well and as a result we are able to finish white teak shutters in any paint colour. Many customers also prefer white teak as the wood grain is more visible through the finish unlike the finishes available in our basswood range. If you are looking to match a specific colour to your own unique design or prefer your shutters to have a wooden finish, our white teak shutters would make a great choice.

Our white teak range are a fantastic solution for skylight shutters or any other difficult opening. Available in the widest range of louvres, including the popular 76mm option, we believe our white teak shutters fill a void currently present in shutter solutions for all those special windows.

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