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Solid Wooden Shutters Installed in Greenwich

The Shutter Studio are one of only a handful of companies capable of measuring, building and fitting solid wooden shutters right here in the UK. This latest installation took place in the Ashburnham Triangle conservation area within the Royal Borough of Greenwich – a historic location just ten minutes walk from the Royal Observatory.

We were contacted in April 2017 by a customer who was looking to have solid shutters added to a sash window in their home after already having installed a set of panel alcoves, designed for folding the shutters away. After carrying out an initial measure, our carpentry team worked with the customer to confirm details such as the colour and top coat, before proceeding to build the shutters.

The beauty of making these shutters in-house and from scratch is that we are can give our customers as much choice as possible for customisation. In this situation, everything from the type of wood and the style of the beading, to the type of hinges and how the shutters lined up with the existing windowsill, were all decided on by the customer (with recommendations and guidance from our team). The customer specified early on in the process that they wanted the shutters to match the existing panelling, so the ability to customise the beading and colour of the paint was of special importance. We used a frameless design to make the shutters look as though they are floating for minimalistic look.

Want to transform your windows and add a new dimension of character to your property? Contact us today about our solid shutter builds and installations throughout the South East of the UK on 020 8662 0126.

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