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Stunning Customised Shutters in London

This week we have a truly bespoke shutter order from Central London to inspire your own design choices. This highly customised order was fitted in May by The Shutter Studio team after much deliberating by the customer over the best fit for their property. The result is a stunning installation in keeping with the character of the building as well as the tastes of the owner. All of these customisations are offered as standard by The Shutter Studio so there’s no extra charge for any of the following options; we try to give our customers as much choice as possible without tacking on hidden extras or additions.

One detail that you may notice straight away is that the customer has mixed their styles across windows. The french doors, in the middle of the photo, are full height shutters with a midrail surrounded by tier on tier shutters. We usually advise customers to change one thing per room at the most, in order to keep a consistent style, but as you can see there’s no harm in changing styles in the same room either. Tier on tier shutters around a french door make very little sense but with the midrail breaking up the full height shutters the eye sweeps quickly over the differences between the door and the windows.

Everything else remains consistent between the windows. The shutters you see in the photographs are basswood shutters with a centre tilt rod and 47mm louvres. This smaller louvre is slowly being discontinued and is currently only available with the centre tilt rod – so if you enjoy the look of a smaller louvre act quickly before time runs out! Less apparent in these images are the colour and hinge style. Due to the amount of sun coming into the room as we completed the installation it’s difficult to see that the shutters are actually finished in a lovely off white colour with bright brass hinges to tie in with the decor of the room.

The final result is a bright and airy room that really brings the whole room together. You can tell that the customer has really put a lot of thought into creating a stylish room to relax in while letting the natural beauty of shutters shine.

If you’re interested in seeing the transformative power of shutters in your home call The Shutter Studio today on 0208 662 0126 or contact us today.

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