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Wooden Shutter Repair By The Shutter Studio

Wooden Shutter Repair by The Shutter Studio

Broken louvre? Cracked frame? Chip in your paintwork? The Shutter Studio team can help with our shutter repair service.

Over time wear and tear, or even rough handling can impact the finish and life of a shutter. These small problems are easy to ignore but they’re also easy to fix. The Shutter Studio is able to provide a repair service for all shutters, Common problems that The Shutter Studio team have been called out to deal with include:

Bowed louvres

Bowing of louvres is when the weight of the shutter causes individual slats to sag in the middle causing resulting in the louvre needing to be replaced. Depending on the colour and size of your shutter a bowed louvre is easily replaced by cutting down another louvre of a similar size and fitting the replacement into the main frame. Bowed louvres are more usual in MDF shutters but can occur due to rough handling or manufacturing errors; replacing bowed louvres is possibly the most common issue The Shutter Studio team deal with.

Chipped shutters

A self explanatory problem – part of the shutter is gouged out, usually due to a fall or enthusiastic pet. With a small splinter this can be easily fixed by smoothing the chip out and spraying the shutter. However depending on the size of the problem part of the shutter may need replacing, either in our carpentry workshop or by re-ordering a part of the shutter from our factory. As long as we have the materials we need this is an easy fix for our team.

Cracked frames

Cracked frames aren’t a common problem and can happen due to a variety of problems, no two cracked shutter frames will be the same and can therefore be a tricky issue to cost for. A small crack somewhere that isn’t structurally significant can be filled and smoothed but most cracked frames will need replacing in order to ensure they’re fit for purpose in the long term.

‘Dropping’ shutters

Too much weight on the hinges of your shutters can cause the whole panel to drop over time and require all the hinges to be re-installed. As soon as you notice a dropped shutter you should get in contact as soon as you can so that the weight doesn’t transfer to the frame. This problem is easily avoided by treating your shutter with care. Leaving your shutters open for long periods of time, pulling on the shutter panel, or swinging the shutters closed can all lead to dropped shutters again and again.

Window installation

If you’re having your windows replaced or double glazing installed we can take down down your shutters and refit them for you after your new windows have been installed. As long as you give us enough notice we can even speak with your window company to make sure your shutters are up as soon as possible after your window installation.

These are the most common problems that The Shutter Studio team have come across but if there’s anything wrong with your shutters give The Shutter Studio team a call on 0208 662 0126 and we’ll assess your problem before offering a solution. Our prices are based on your location and the amount of work required but inquiries are always free.

If you’re shutters need a bit of tidy up give The Shutter Studio team a call today on 0208 662 0126 to see how we can help.

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