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Wooden Shutters for Bay Windows – How to Identify The Type of Bay Window in Your Home

The Shutter Studio worked on a great local job yesterday, fitting a range of bespoke wooden shutters in the bay windows of our client’s home in Addiscombe, Croydon. Bay windows are a common feature of homes in and around Croydon and The Shutter Studio team is regularly called upon to measure, manufacture and fit shutters in bay windows of all shapes and sizes.

There are numerous different styles of bay window, each offering additional room space. The traditional definition of what constitutes a bay window is a window that protrudes from the exterior wall of a home, creating a space framed with a minimum of three windows.

If you are unsure what kind of bay window your home features, we have provided a brief description of each style below. Looking for more on bay windows? See our guide to everything you need to know about shutters for bay windows.

Box Bay Window

A box bay traditionally consists of a large or double paned window with smaller windows either side, forming a box shape that protrudes out at 90 degrees from the room.

Bow Window

Softer than the angular style of a box bay window, bow windows are usually made up of four or more panes placed to form a semi-circle. Bow windows became popular during in Georgian Britain, helping to bring the feel of the outside into country homes.

Circle Bay Window

Circle bays are similar to bow windows, however the curve comprising the bay is more pronounced, the combination of windows forming a smoother curve than a bow window. Circle bay windows are often used on the corners of buildings, offering extra inside space and a wide view.

Oriel Window

Oriel windows tend to be found on the second storey of houses and can be angular or smooth and circular. Oriels first became popular in the late 1700s and were added to many buildings constructed in the Gothic Revival style.

No matter the style of bay window your home boasts, The Shutter Studio fitting team has the skill and knowhow to perfectly install the shutters of your choosing. If you are concerned that your bay windows would not be suitable for shutters, we will happily offer advice and guidance to alleviate any fears.

Browse the gallery above to see a fantastic selection of plantation shutters The Shutter Studio has fitted in bay windows in and around South London, Surrey and Kent.

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