Our blinds

The Shutter Studio are able to measure and fit a large range of made to measure blinds, from PVC and wooden venetian blinds to roller and roman blinds. All of our blinds are made to measure and we work directly with our customers to help them achieve the exact look and finish that they’re looking for in their home.

Venetian Blinds

Wooden Venetian blind for bedroom in deep blue

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds in a variety of bright colours

Electric Blinds

Grey motorised roller blind by The Shutter Studio

Our Venetian Blinds are manufactured with horizontal slats that are connected together via either cords or decorative tapes. This allows you to either tilt the slats for fine control over the amount of light or pull the slats up to the cassette at the top of the window. They are fully customisable to provide as much flexibility to our customers as possible. We provide blinds in three different materials and four different slat widths to add just the right amount of light to a room in combination with a range of stained and painted finishes.

As all of our blinds are made to measure our Roller Blinds are possibly the most elegant of our range of blinds. We offer roller blinds in a large range of fabrics that can be customised based on how much light you’d like to enter or block from your room. The Shutter Studio can also offer a number of finishing touches such as braids and shapes to suit the mood and taste of your room.

A more recent addition to our range are Electric Blinds. If your window is difficult to reach, covers a wide area, or if you just don’t like the idea of cords hanging down into the room, electric blinds may be a good choice for you. Our electric blinds are available in the same wide range of fabrics and materials as our regular roller blind range and come with a number of control options

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds in floral yellow pattern

Vertical Blinds

White vertical blinds in a bedroom

Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds in red for child bedroom

If your looking to establish complete privacy without compromising on practicality or a stylish appearance then Roman Blinds are great option. Due to the structure of roman blinds we can offer them in heavier fabrics than our roller blinds while continuing to offer a range of fabrics and materials – suiting those looking to gain the most privacy from their blinds.

For patio doors or large windows our Vertical Blinds are a popular option. As well as being durable and coming in a range of fabrics they are also considered to be the easiest to clean of all blinds since they have no fixed horizontal fittings to accumulate dust on.

Our most modern blind fittings are our Pleated Blinds. If you’re looking for blinds in a simple colour the uniform pattern of the pleat can add an extra dimension and texture without help from the fabric. We are also able to fit them in a ‘top-down, bottom-up’ frame which allows you to pull down the top of the blind or pull up from the bottom.

As all of our blinds are made to measure we recommend calling us to book a free consultation and measure with one of our fitting team to carry out a professional survey and go through our range with you. If you’d prefer a quick quote please get in touch with the width and height of the windows you’d like to cover. For more information on our range of blinds, please call The Shutter Studio team on 0208 662 0126.

Stock photos have been used for illustration purposes only.