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As a team of experienced carpenters and joiners, The Shutter Studio are proud to offer hand-built solid shutters alongside our range of plantation shutters. The style and design of solid shutters have a much longer history in the UK than plantation shutters and many homeowners prefer the historical aesthetic these shutters bring to a home.

Solid shutter benefits

Solid shutters have been used extensively over the last couple of centuries as protection against the highs and lows of British weather. Before glass became widespread, many homes would have hardwood solid shutters covering their windows, or have glass only in the upper half of the window and shutters in the bottom. Nowadays, a combination of shutters and glass is much more common and solid shutters provide extra insulation, security and style to homes.

To find out more about our range of solid shutters call The Shutter Studio for your free consultation on 020 8662 0126 or request a using the form above.

Solid shutters built in the UK

The Shutter Studio make solid shutters on site in our Wrotham warehouse and we are therefore able to offer much more choice in the detail and styling of your shutters. All of our handmade shutters are made to measure and built without relying on standard shutter models. Instead, we provide a detailed consultation for our customers, covering everything from the handles to the lacquer used to finish the shutters.

The standard material we use for shutters is the fast growing tulipwood, but by making our shutters from scratch we are able to offer customers a choice of hardwoods depending on the finish they have in mind. By keeping the final product in mind when we choose the material, we never have to reverse engineer a fit or characteristic to the wood. The style of handles, beading and the type of hinges can be guided by the customer with recommendations from our team.

Along with giving our customers much greater control over the style of their solid shutters than other companies, we are also able to offer a lead time of approximately three weeks on from the time you place your order to installation. As they are built, finished and installed in the UK by The Shutter Studio team, we can rectify any issues that do occur quickly without having to wait on a factory or subcontractors to finish your order.

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